Firebug Menu

The top bar menu of Firebug has a number of items: a firebug icon, an inspect icon, Console, HTML, CSS, Script, Dom and Net. You will not use all of these most of the time and some of them possibly never. But we will describe briefly what they all do. Some of them, like Console, open a blank screen by default and you need to turn on the process that it will do. You do this by right-clicking the Firebug icon in the status bar at the bottom of your browser and selecting "Enable all panels".


Menu items


Firebug Icon

This opens a menu with options to enable you to turn Firebug on or off, use an external CSS editor, alter the text size (this is useful a the default text size in the Firebug pane can be a bit small) and set other options.

Inspect Icon

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